On the Tracks

This weeks Soundscape takes you on a trip on the rails. There are so many songs about trains that it almost deserves it's own genre. Nevertheless, we have put together a grouping of train songs that we feel truly embed the feeling of train culture. We also offer our usual gathering of new stuff, kitsch, and a perfect album side. I think you will all agree that we are On Track again.

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Soundscape 2.41
Je Suis Fatigue

This weeks episode of Soundscape is full of music from France, specifically Paris. We have gathered a nice smatteringt of music that will remind us of our journey as well as provide you with a picture of what an amazing place Paris can be.

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Soundscape 2.40
Color for the Blind

Welcome back one and all to another episode of Soundscape. The theme this week is meant to be a heartfelt thanks to my wonderful friends who surpised me this weekend with enchroma glasses. Essentially this is a set of glasses that are made to correct colorblindness. So the theme is all about vision and sight.

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Soundscape was born out of a passion for music and a love of the journey. Twice a month we develop a theme for exploration within the music. These themes could be about a particular kind of music, a single artist or band, or even something more expansive such as a the theme of flying. Really anything is fair game here. To develop this journey we rely on progressive rock, and improvisational/experimental music. We also rely on our listeners to help us bring the experience alive with their own suggestions. The Soundscape podcast has now been running for over 8 years and the inspiration for these journeys grows and evolves beyond anything we could have imagined. Your hosts Suzi and Woody Harris have had many years of experience in music from DJing to running a music store. We look forward to your participation in our adventure.