Soundscape #2.15: Woodwind Whirl

A few weeks ago after a spirited presentation of Bagpipe in prog rock music, Suzi suggested a heavy wind theme. So here it is. We gathered some of the best, oddest, original, or unexpected pieces of music using woodwind instruments and dropped them into this weeks show. It was a truly enjoyable musical journey and one which we believe you will all thoroughly enjoy. You will also find tucked inside new music from the last few weeks of releases, as well as a perfect album side full of old time prog keyboard joy.

Speaking of perfect album sides, have you sent yours yet? I have heard it is all the rage and part of the up and coming far out scene. So mellow out man and send us your tunes. We will spin them in a clockwise fashion. You need only list about 45 minutes of music that you would like to hear us play and we will throw it in the mix for all to hear. You're not shy are you? Send it to

The nest episode will be a few weeks away and will happen on 6/28. In that episode we will attempt to develop a show based on the summer blockbuster. We will be seeking epic journeys with musical depth as well as songs that seem to suggest the cream of the summer movie explosion. This should be fun if it works, and if it doesn't we will still fill your ears with joyous goodies.

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