Soundscape #2.20: Very English

Hello my fellow prog geeks,

This week the muse directed me to the idea of "Very English" music. Being American, I have very little idea what this means except to say the phrase seems to be reserved for an often pastoral and folksy sense of music. I enlisted some help along the way as I often do, particularly relying on the support of If you ever want to determine if certain themes exist in our musical realm, you need only develop a search query there and very often the database will get you turned on just fine. What developed is to my ears a wonderfully melodic often very pleasant set of music. My hope is that you will also find this to be the case.

Our PAS this time around comes from the one and only Hemispherical Walter. Walter was there when Soundscape started and has been a faithful listener, even when we have put on horrid shows. In fact it often feels as if he is our man in the wings, or our defacto mascot; bringing in the prog and turning us on to new sounds. He is my brother from another mother and a damn fine fellow. Walter's perfect album side may not hit the theme perfectly but it is a welcome entry of some great new and older tunes. We can't give you a spot on the podium like Walter, but if you want to become a regular contributor of music yourself, you too can send us your PAS list. It only takes 45 minutes of music, chosen by you, to be featured in our podcast. We love to hear from our listeners, so please drop us a line with your PAS or anything else you want to chat about:

We will be out of commission for a good bit of September. Actually if we attempted to follow the usual every other week schedule there would be no show at all in September. However, the plan is to look for a couple of windows of opportunity to do shows on the fly. We will alert you on twitter: @SoundscapeDJ and Facebook on the Soundscape page. Thanks for listening, we love you guys!

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