Soundscape #2.23: Thunderprog

So here we are again, Bond season is upon us. This will be our 4th or 5th episode dedicated to 007. Perhaps we should stop as we seem to be running out of new material to throw at you, nevertheless we fight the battle on. I will point out that this show is less Bondy than some of our previous options. In fact last year seemed pretty definitive in catching Bond based prog. As such we will also be making it available for you as well this week. Despite these claims, it will still be a rather enjoyable journey through some of the lesser known stations in progdom and as such you can pretend you are on a secret mission to discover whatever Bond themes you can conjour within the music that here abides.

We also have a perfect album side of rare live material put together by Jeff Criswell. If you also would like to submit your perfect album side offering, or simply want to comment on how good your DJs look on air, send your messages to

Coming up on 11/15 we will do a show in tribute to one of our favorite board games: Terra Mystica. It is a game of terraforming and area control and probably the most played game in our home. So why not give it the prog treatment? We will.

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