Soundscape #2.10: Through the Years

It was an odd notion. The plan was to take a short journey through the years of prog. It kind of speaks to the musical Tardis side of the Soundscape program. It also satisfies my personal need to explore lesser noticed territory (even if it is only new to me). So we dropped back 40 years and slowly made our way forward, decade by decade. The result was pretty magical. Not only did we peruse some long lost classics, we got to see a small snapshot of the changing face of progressive rock through the years. It made me aware of how little we all know about the amazing music that is out there. There was once an attempt to chronicle the march of prog with what we were calling history lesson episodes. After a while, I felt it got old very quickly. All of the research that goes into developing a set of music that I generally know very little about. Nevertheless, the historical seeker is still here and in small doses I think we can take these little forays into the past without developing too much ritual. Thus we have a greater flexibility in our approach. As such, I think you can expect some trips down memory lane in future episodes.

There was no perfect album side in this episode. That does not mean that we are not looking. There is a space for you in the Soundscape. You need only send us a 45 minute set of music and we will drop it into the mix in a future episode. Send your creative output to and we will gather around your bonfire dancing wildly (just Monkees). At any rate, here is the setlist:

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