Soundscape #2.21: Through the Mind

Soundscape returns from a month long hiatus with a journey into the mind as only prog artists can do. Sorry to have been away so long but September is probably our busiest month of the year. We also included some new stuff and a perfect album side for your listening pleasure.

If you would like to submit a perfect album side, simply send us 45 minutes of your favorite proggy gems and we will put it on the show. You can be counted among the elite team of enthusiasts that have taken the time to carefully craft a set of themed music, or you can just throw on any old thing. We are not that formal. Send your choices to

Our next live shows will be on 10/26 and 11/2 (to catch up with our normal sequence). Next time around, our annual Halloween episode of spooky prog! Plus stay tuned for another edition of Soundscape Jam coming in late October. Details will be posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Cheers, Suzi and Woody

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