Soundscape 2.24: Terra Mystica

This weeks episode is a salute to one of our favorite board games of all time; Terra Mystica. This is a game about area control and expanding territory through Terraforming land. It can be quite cut-throat and I am not even sure if I am particularly good at it, but the nature of the game is such that it promotes strategy, trading and backstabbing. We created this show for those who love this game and to turn the rest of you on to something we find rather special. Question is, did the show represent the theme well? I guess that is for you listeners to decide. Either way, it was a fun if haphazard mix of music to present and we think you will enjoy the show.

There was no time to set up a perfect album side in this episode but if you would like to send us a set of 45 minutes of prog music, we will be happy to feature it on the show. Send requests to

With Christmas coming, we are looking at some staggering of the schedule again. The next show will air on 12/6 unless we can find a time before the 29th. The feature theme of the show will be based on Arthur C. Clarkes masterpiece of alien invasion; Childhood's End. If you have suggestions for this theme, please drop us a line.

Cheers, Woody & Suzi

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