Soundscape #2.16: Summer Epic

Hello fellow scapers,

This weeks show took some strange and unexpected turns. The theme of the epic summer movie may or may not come through but there is a still a ton of great music herein, and you may feel that you are indeed experiencing something akin to a summer movie- but we make no promises.

15 minutes before the start of the show we got the news about the passing of beloved Yes bassist Chris Squire. However, we did not want to half ass a tribute show, so we continued with the proffered theme. There is a short tribute set at the end of the show and we will properly tribute our musical brother in an upcoming episode.

Also present here is a return to Escape Velocity in place of the perfect album side. Escape Velocity has been used in the past to fully theme a show but in this case we have a short set of Italian prog. We have always known that there was something special about the Rock Italiano Progressive genre but more recently it has been a goal to learn more about what makes this music so different. We showcase 3 such bands for your enjoyment.

The Perfect Album side was scrapped for this show due to the fact that all of the perfect album sides we have are from regular contributors. We love you guys for putting these together but we also want fresh blood. For those who don't know a perfect album side is your opportunity as a listener to call the shots on approx 45 minutes of music. The show was always meant to be a collaboration between us and our listeners. We know that as DJs we have a very distinctive taste in music. Sometimes we miss things, or avoid things based on what it is we like. We want to add your distinctiveness to our own and absorb you into the Soundscape collective. So become one with us as we seek perfection and send you 45 minute set to

Most likely the next episode will feature a lot of music from Chris Squire. Chris left us a lot to be thankful for and he will be sorely missed. We want to spend a day in tribute to our beloved bass bomber. Send us your suggestions for best bass lines, best vocals, best songs, best Chris. Send them to

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