Soundscape #2.19: Storyscape

Once upon a time in a land far away, there was a Soundscape. This Soundscape was not like other Soundscapes, it changed with the wind and often looked and sounded quite different than the last time. One day this Soundscape decided it would look as if it was telling stories and it would try to present a mix of story songs. So it gathered together a group of great song writers and storytellers, and then it allowed anyone who wanted to listen to the songs that were gathered.

The rest of the story is yours to finish but you can make your decision after you take a listen to this story based episode of Soundscape. As always we have a nice mix of the new and the old for you to dig into. We also have a Perfect Album Side that will take you to some strange places.

If you would like to contribute a perfect album side, simply send us a small list of 45 minutes of proggy tunes and we will add it to our collective. You send this to We look forward to your input.

Join us again for Soundscape on 8/23.

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