Soundscape #2.34: Kiss My Brass

This week we take a short excursion into the use of brass instruments in prog rock. At times the episode leans in towards jazz more than our average show. That is ok because the music will speak for itself. Having never been a jazz fusion fan, I thought this would be a challenge. Most of the suggestions offered are indeed jazz fusion. However, to my ear the collection of bright and bouncy we have provided here for you avoids all of the typical clich├ęs of the fusion genre. Trust me this show is a jam.

There is no perfect album side in this episode as there was so much wonderful brassy stuff to offer up. Of course we will return to the perfect album sides in due course. Send us 45 minutes of your favorite tunes and we will try to get it into a future episode. Send all correspondence to

The theme for the next show is still in gestation, as in we do not know what new direction we will take the tunes. Inspiration will eventually move us brightly so keep your eyes peeled on the twitter and facebook feeds.

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