Soundscape #2.33: Escape Velocity- Asia

Escape Velocity shows are all about bringing a taste of music around the world. This time we are exploring the continent of Asia. The awesome thing about prog for me is the quest. Hunting down a theme acquaints us with the music in a way that we simply would not generally become aware of it. Turn over a stone, and a whole continent of prog awaits our gaze and our listening ears, As usual, within the context of our rather short journey here it is impossible to truly show the breadth of music available in Asia. Nevertheless, we make a valiant effort to give you a taste of the land. Enjoy this strange little journey.

We have 2 perfect album sides for you this week. For those new to the program, a perfect album side is sent in by you the listener, it is no more than 45 minutes worth of music and it is your chance to DJ a small segment of our show. Feel free to send one yourself to We would love to get your mix into the show.

Next time around, we will check out the impact of brass in prog rock. As I have said before muted trumpet brings me to my knees. We will be looking at the best use of brass instruments in prog. Should be a fun time so come join us.

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