Soundscape #2.28: Self Referential

The hand drawing the hand seemed like the perfect metaphor for this week's Soundscape episode. Here in we explore prog as only prog artists can, by paying homage to themselves or the wellspring of creative flow that is progressive rock. There are artists who reference themselves, and artists who reference other prog musicians. It's a kaleidoscope of narcissistic prog love and you are here to witness it. Thanks to all who offered suggestions for this show, I think we built a wonderful monster here.

We also feature a lot of newer music that we think you will love, and a new Perfect album side. If you would also like to suggest a perfect album side, you need only send 45 minutes of your favorite prog music to We will play it. We love new music and new themes so let us know and we will do our best to bring light.

The next episode will be on 2/6 and we will feature prog rock that uses or abuses Ludwig Van Beethoven. Send us your suggestions!

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