Soundscape #2.14: Proggy Creatures

In this weeks episode of Soundscape we get a listen to a number of proggy creatures. The show was a blast to put together and run and even with glitches all over the place on the live side, we managed to piece it all together so that you could get a look at the Zoo we made for you podcast listeners.

We skipped the perfect album side in favor of delivering a full theme. However, for those who wish to do so you can send a perfect album side request to You need only have 45 minutes worth of proggy wonder and we will allow you to take over the air.

A lot of themes are floating in the Soundscape stream and we are not sure what will be next. However, on the radar we have the proposed "Heavy Wind" show, a trip to Utopia/Dystopia, and the epic summer blockbuster show. You vote could sway us in any one of these directions. Send your thoughts and input to

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