Soundscape #2.13: Evo-lution

The game of Evo is one of the oldest in our collection of tabletop games. It's unfortunate, but it rarely sees any table time these days and this is sad because it is a great little medium weight game that has resulted in a lot of joy for our original gaming group. This has nothing to with prog rock music except that it is the catalyst for this weeks theme- A show about Dinosaurs and evolution.

Ok so the whole show is not about Dinosaurs, or even Evo, but as a spring board for a little creative DJ tomfoolery it works quite nicely. We of course have a perfect album side and a small collection of great newer postcards from the prog rock super highway. So check it out and be whelmed with energy!

By the way, if you desire to have some input on this crazy little podcast, you can send a perfect album side of 45 minutes of prog music, to This will get you a few minutes of prog fame and a slap on the back from your prog rock loving boss who has been looking for a podcast he could really sink his teeth into. And if he sinks his teeth in here, he will not be biting you anymore. Who knows you may get a raise- it could happen.

Finally, our next theme will be a cryptozoo of prog in which we display the many mythical creatures created by progressive artists. It should be fantastic or at least whelming. Cheers from your DJs.

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