Soundscape #2.18: Dystopia-Utopia

Remember the good ole days; before the thought police, before government sanctioned humor parties, before the sex lotteries and before the mandatory offworld work year. If you don't it's because your memories are being manipulated by the national censor network. They seem to be everywhere. Look, just have a listen to this file and you will learn about this madness and you will get directions to the sanctuary, a place where you can live free and easy. Oops, they are coming, just take this address and go. Hopefully I will see you on the other side. I still have more people to see. Good Luck!

This weeks episode of Soundscape features music with a dystopian or utopian theme to it. You will find more dystopia than utopia but that is probably because minor chords and political explorations of power sell better in prog than blissful journeys into kumbaya land. Nevertheless we think you will enjoy this newest gathering of songs, dystopian or otherwise.

We also have a wonderful bridging perfect album side (PAS) for you. If you don't know what a PAS is...where have you been? A PAS is when you the listener put together a list of 45 minutes of music that you enjoy and send it We will play your music on the show. Just think of all of the great things you could do with this; send a secret message to your resistance cell, tell your significant other that you love them, or just offer a blissful proggy set of dance music for your friends on the other side of the wall. We need new contributors and you know it is the right thing to do.

Next episode, a look at Grimm's fairy tales through the eyes of prog rock. That will be fun show I am certain. We are also looking forward to our new show Soundscape Jam. It will launch in really it will. It will be a monthly show for fans of improvisational rock music. Keep your eyes on @SoundscapeDJ and Facebook for more info.

Finally a word about music streaming. With the advent of amazing services like Spotify and Apple music, we are now in the world we created as kids. The introduction of cassette recorders, the immediate ancestor of napster, has left us all growing up in a world in which we believe we have a right to the music we listen to. We don't! Our musician friends work hard to develop amazing music for us and they deserve credit for their creative energies. Certainly these streaming services are wonderful for finding and discovering new music, and streaming music you already own at home, but there needs to be a balance. We at Soundscape encourage you to go out and support these amazing musicians. Buy their albums, see them live, drop them a line of appreciation. If you enjoy something we introduce you to hear on the show, go buy it. If you want a dystopian music scene, that is what you are going to get if you don't give the artists their due. Be kind and enjoy!

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