Soundscape 2.27: Doctor Prog

Our lives are important — at least to us — and as we see, so we learn… Our destiny is in the stars, so let’s go and search for it.
– First Doctor Who William Hartnell

I love humans. Always seeing patterns in things that aren’t there.
– Eighth Doctor Who Paul McGann

This is our second tribute to Doctor Who. The first was done back in the days when we were on The Dividing Line. This will not be a repeat of that show, let's call it a regeneration. In this weeks episode then, we pay tribute to Doctor Who. A renegade timelord who steals a Tardis (a machine which can travel through time and space). This Doctor ultimately becomes the salvation of the human race many times over. The more important element however is what the Doctor teaches us about ourselves. The way he challenges us to seek new definitions and solutions for the big questions. While Doctor Who started out as a children's show, it has become the biggest cult classic that BBC has created. Running over 50 years the Doctor has regenerated 13 times...sorry if that is a spoiler. Each incarnation develops their own voice, their own ways of moving through the universe, but in doing so brings us closer to understanding our humanity. Thus it is one of the most open ended creative storytelling devices for fans of science fiction and it has spawned a mythology that has captured multiple generations.

In this episode, not all of the music was written for Doctor Who, in fact most of what was chosen has little connection to Doctor Who on it's own. However, we have chased down songs whose lyrical content often matches the story. We have also provided audio of every Doctor in the timeline, save for those on the Children in Need specials. We hope you will enjoy the journey.

If you enjoy your prog and Doctor Who mixed, check out the progtorwho podcast. The guys over at Progtor Who provide 3 songs and commentary on Doctor Who every other week. Also please go and check out Traffic Experiment. They are the prog musicians who provided 2 of our songs for the show and they deserve some love.

Next time around we will be exploring what I am fondly calling 'self recursive prog rock'. This is prog rock that is self aware of it's own leanings. Whether the music points out other prog music or discusses what prog is in the song this will be the departure point for our next adventure. You may get in contact with us at: send us your suggestions, concerns, and perfect album sides. Thanks for checking out our show.

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