Soundscape #2.30: Best of 2015 So Far

After much gnashing of teeth and anxious equivocation I developed some semblance of an end of year show for 2015. In typical Soundscape fashion, I would say you should take it all in stride. Much of the upper portion of the list is more arbitrary than I would like, and the bottom portion of the list is geared entirely towards my own subjective feel about the music of 2015.

The music however is a wonderful mixture that will give evidence to the great year of music we experienced. And here is my promise going forward, those albums that were missed will be featured on a weekly basis for the rest of the year, so you need not feel that your favorite band will be missed, we will get to it all somehow.

Next week we return to themes proper with a theme on dreaming. Dreams have a been a focus for me lately and we have not done a dream theme for Progrock yet... so off we go. We will feature songs inspired by dreams, about dreams, and for dreaming. It should be a fun journey into the messy mind of prog dreamers everywhere.

As always, you can contribute to Soundscape with a perfect album side, a request, or even just your feedback. The address to write us is

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