Soundscape #2.29: Beethoven Wuz Here

"Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend" -Ludwig Van Beethoven

In this episode of Soundscape we pay homage to Beethoven by taking a brief look at progressive rock music inspired by his works. While Moonlight Sonata and the masterful Fifth will make their appearances throughout the episode, I think they manifest non-repetitively enough that it feels more like a theme that is interwoven in the music than a replay of the same old thing. Multiple musicians were influenced by Ludwig and I doubt that we have even scratched the surface.

Of course the usual interplay of new music, requests and classics is here as well. We have new music from Nicholas Beggs and Steven Wilson as well as a Perfect Album Side from Chris Sargent. I do apologize Chris, one of your requests we could not find. If you would also like us to bungle your Perfect Album Side you need only send us a list of approx 45 minutes of music and we will get it up on the show. Send your requests to

Next time around we will be looking back over the year 2015, identifying the best of the year. What was your favorite album of last year? Send us a note and let us know.

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