Soundscape #2.12: At Play in 1993

In 1993 the world was a different place. Neo-prog had barely taken off beyond it's 80s leanings, Deep Space Nine was just starting up, Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time" was a bestseller, and your humble DJs were still cutting their teeth on college algebra. Progressive Rock was not yet the monster that it is now. Probably as prog fans we knew very little about where to turn. Many of our favorite acts from the 70s had turned away from what prog rock really was, and the ones that were around were more homage to progressive rock than bands who were creatively stretching the boundary. However, that does not mean that there weren't proud moments of prog exploration taking place. You just had to poke around.

In this episode we will spend some time in the year 1993 getting a glimpse of what was. We also offer a short mini-theme regarding play and toys. Add to this a perfect album side that will take us from May to December, and a bouquet of newer stuff and you have our newest episode of Soundscape. We had a lot of fun developing this one and we hope you will too.

If you would like to offer your own perfect album side you can do so by sending a list of approx 45 minutes worth of tunes to we will put your name in the Soundscape history book, and you will have something to tell your grandkids.

Next time around we will be exploring another tabletop game. While we had a great time with Castles of Mad King Ludwig, the sound quality during DJ breaks was hideous. I would like to think we have fixed that issue now. We have not determined what game to flaunt just yet but we will let you know at our twitter feed @soundscapedj or on our facebook page. Thanks for listening!

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