Soundscape #2.17: A Tribute to Chris Squire

In this weeks episode of Soundscape we took some time to honor the one and only Chris Squire. He was the only member of Yes that was on every Yes recording, and he may likely have been the glue that kept the band running for so long. It is with heavy hearts we bid him adieu. We do however have an astounding body of work that Chris left us and for most of us his bass and his style are interwoven into our lives and in the lives of a number of other musicians who light the way as well. We tried to pick the best stuff from Chris, while also honoring his contributions to other bands. Hopefully you will enjoy our offering.

Also in this episode we have a short interview with Colin Tench of Corvus Stone, Bunchakeeze, and multiple other bands. We chat with him about the new Corvus Stone album as well as the state of progressive rock. We also listen to a number of pieces of Colin Tench music both new and old.

Finally we have a perfect album side from Chris Sargent that we believe you are going to thoroughly enjoy. You too can offer up a perfect album side if you so desire (please do). All you need do is put together 45 minutes of music and send it to We will feature it for you on a future episode.

A small grouping of newer material rounds out the show.

Next time around we will explore how the themes of Utopia and Dystopia play a role in progressive rock music. If you have any suggestions, feel free to email us.

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