Soundscape #2.11: A Sort of Ringworld

There was this amazing plan. As a group, DJs and audience were going to read a book together and then a set of music was going to be created that would approximate the experience of that book. The book in question was Larry Niven's "Ringworld". Well in theory it was, it is a fantastic idea. In reality, there is almost no music that celebrates Ringworld. Worse yet, I came at the show trying to keep spoilers intact. It was a rather difficult thing to do this. So what we have here is a show loosely based on Ringworld, with no real discussion of the story per se, and yet a fantastic set of music has still shown up. The book club is an experiment. It goes on in the back of my mind and I still believe it will work. However, when we try it again, we will look for books that are easily supported by prog rock, and I will not be so careful as to avoid spoilers. You have been warned.

At any rate, this episode is chock full of proggy goodness. It includes the Soundscape formula of new music, a theme set, and a perfect album side from Scott Oliver. So regardless of the challenges of creating the set, the music is impeccable.

Quick update regarding podcast and website. We are in the midst of changes, "turn and face the strange". So the website will morph and warp for the next few weeks. Please bear with us. What has not changed is our commitment to bring you a set of quality music. So dig in and enjoy. We are also still looking for perfect album sides. Send approx 45 minutes of tuneage to and we will get you up and in lights for your brief stay of fame. You can also send inquiries and love notes to this address as well. Critical messages can be sent to Thanks for your support. Here is your show.

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