Soundscape 2.42

This weeks Soundscape takes you on a trip on the rails. There are so many songs about trains that it almost deserves it's own genre. Nevertheless, we have put together a grouping of train songs that we feel truly embed the feeling of train culture. We also offer our usual gathering of new stuff, kitsch, and a perfect album side. I think you will all agree that we are On Track again.

Soundscape 2.41

This weeks episode of Soundscape is full of music from France, specifically Paris. We have gathered a nice smatteringt of music that will remind us of our journey as well as provide you with a picture of what an amazing place Paris can be.

Soundscape 2.40

Welcome back one and all to another episode of Soundscape. The theme this week is meant to be a heartfelt thanks to my wonderful friends who surpised me this weekend with enchroma glasses. Essentially this is a set of glasses that are made to correct colorblindness. So the theme is all about vision and sight.

Soundscape 2.39

This is an archival episode from the Dividing Line days. The original show aired on Jan 24, 2010. The theme presented here is called "Arriving Somewhere". The idea was for listeners to generate a list of songs that they would like to hear just before they fade out- just like the Porcupine Tree song says. There is some rather dark humor here, some sound problems, and some great music. We hope you enjoy the trip.

Soundscape 2.38

There are not that many prog songs that reference hitchhiking. Nevertheless, we embarked upon the journey and found some good tangential material to round out the theme. Have you ever hitched a ride? Having not done it myself I imagine that it is both scary and amazing all at once. I wanted to get into the psychology of hitchhiker. Whether we achieved that or not is no matter because what you have here is a good dose of music that will at least put you in a traveling state of mind.

Soundscape 2.37

This time around, Soundscape explores the funky side of progressive rock. Is this even a thing? Listen to this weeks episode and find out. We also include our usual mélange of new music, silly banter, and of course the perfect album side. Check out the show and let us know how you like it.

Soundscape 2.36

Hi listeners! I am not sure where some episode ideas come from. This one is a strange one. Let's just say the theme is leadership...sort of. What was supposed to be an homage to American presidents instead became a prog treatise on leadership as a whole. It may sound complicated, but you will get the hang of it and I dare say it will be an enjoyable journey.

Soundscape 2.35

Welcome listeners! This episode of Soundscape is mostly in your face and brash. The idea was to create a motivating and uplifting set of music. I dare say the results are a shot in the arm and a rocket to adrenaline. The original motivation for this show came from the wish to have upbeat and uplifting music to exercise with. I created a set of music that shows very little of the transitional styles we have become accustomed to. Personally, the show just took off like a rocket and only gave some momentary breathing room.

Soundscape 2.34

This week we take a short excursion into the use of brass instruments in prog rock. At times the episode leans in towards jazz more than our average show. That is ok because the music will speak for itself. Having never been a jazz fusion fan, I thought this would be a challenge. Most of the suggestions offered are indeed jazz fusion. However, to my ear the collection of bright and bouncy we have provided here for you avoids all of the typical clichés of the fusion genre. Trust me this show is a jam.

Soundscape 2.33
Escape Velocity: Asia

Escape Velocity shows are all about bringing a taste of music around the world. This time we are exploring the continent of Asia. The awesome thing about prog for me is the quest. Hunting down a theme acquaints us with the music in a way that we simply would not generally become aware of it. Turn over a stone, and a whole continent of prog awaits our gaze and our listening ears.

Soundscape 2.32
Perfect Album Sides

So you guys requested an entire show filled with perfect album sides. We have obliged, although to be fair 2 of them come from your DJs. Nevertheless...

Soundscape 2.31
It Seems We Were Dreaming

Recently dreams have become very important to your humble DJ. Not only have I been remembering dreams consistently, but I have taken my nueronautical journeys into these deep chasms as a serious matter of study. As such it seems only reasonable that I present a dreaming based show. ...

Soundscape 2.30
Best of 2015 So Far

After much gnashing of teeth and anxious equivocation I developed some semblance of an end of year show for 2015....

Soundscape 2.29
Beethoven Wuz Here

In this episode of Soundscape we pay homage to Beethoven by taking a brief look at progressive rock music inspired by his works. While Moonlight Sonata and the masterful Fifth will make their appearances throughout the episode...

Soundscape 2.28
Self Referential

The hand drawing the hand seemed like the perfect metaphor for this week's Soundscape episode. Here in we explore prog as only prog artists can, by paying homage to themselves or the wellspring of creative flow...

Soundscape 2.27
Doctor Prog

This is our second tribute to Doctor Who. The first was done back in the days when we were on The Dividing Line. This will not be a repeat of that show, let's call it a regeneration. In this weeks episode then, we pay tribute to Doctor Who. A renegade timelord who steals a Tardis ...

Soundscape 2.26
A Star Wars Christmas Celebration

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all. On this week's episode of Soundscape we celebrate the season and we also celebrate the war between the stars that happened a long time ago in a galaxy far far away...

Soundscape 2.25
Childhood's End

I am not sure if the idea was in the air as a sort of zeitgeist or if I was aware that Syfy was releasing a mini-series but Childhood's End had some gravity that pulled me in. The story in many ways pointed out the folly of our present condition...

Soundscape 2.24
Terra Mystica

This weeks episode is a salute to one of our favorite board games of all time; Terra Mystica. This is a game about area control and expanding territory through Terraforming land. It can be quite cut-throat...

Soundscape #2.23

So here we are again, Bond season is upon us. This will be our 4th or 5th episode dedicated to 007. Perhaps we should stop as we seem to be running out of new material to throw at you, nevertheless we fight the battle on...

Soundscape #2.22
The Twilight Zone

The time Autumn 2015, the place, a little known broadcasting studio somewhere in North America. The yearly ritual Halloween podcast has been created for your listening pleasure. It is an often cacophonous mesh of dischordant tones and spooky themes meant to chill your spine and rattle your brain...

Soundscape #2.21
Through the Mind

Soundscape returns from a month long hiatus with a journey into the mind as only prog artists can do. Sorry to have been away so long but September is probably our busiest month of the year. We also included some new stuff and a perfect album side for your listening pleasure...

Soundscape #2.20
Very English

This week the muse directed me to the idea of "Very English" music. Being American, I have very little idea what this means except to say the phrase seems to be reserved for an often pastoral and folksy sense of music...

Soundscape #2.19

Once upon a time in a land far away, there was a Soundscape. This Soundscape was not like other Soundscapes, it changed with the wind and often looked and sounded quite different than the last time. One day this Soundscape decided it would look as if it was telling stories...

Soundscape #2.18

Remember the good ole days; before the thought police, before government sanctioned humor parties, before the sex lotteries and before the mandatory offworld work year. If you don't it's because your memories are being manipulated by the national censor network. They seem to be everywhere...

Soundscape #2.17
A Tribute to Chris Squire

In this weeks episode of Soundscape we took some time to honor the one and only Chris Squire. He was the only member of Yes that was on every Yes recording, and he may likely have been the glue ...

Soundscape #2.16
Summer Epic

This weeks show took some strange and unexpected turns. The theme of the epic summer movie may or may not come through but there is a still a ton of great music herein, and you may feel that you are indeed experiencing something akin to a summer movie- but we make no promises...

Soundscape #2.15
Woodwind Whirl

A few weeks ago after a spirited presentation of Bagpipe in prog rock music, Suzi suggested a heavy wind theme. So here it is. We gathered some of the best, oddest, original, or unexpected pieces of music using woodwind instruments and dropped them into this weeks show...

Soundscape #2.14
Proggy Creatures

In this weeks episode of Soundscape we get a listen to a number of proggy creatures. The show was a blast to put together and run and even with glitches all over the place on the live side, we managed to piece it all together so that you could get a look at the Zoo we made for you podcast listeners...

Soundscape #2.13

The game of Evo is one of the oldest in our collection of tabletop games. It's unfortunate, but it rarely sees any table time these days and this is sad because it is a great little medium weight game that has resulted in a lot of joy for our original gaming group...

Soundscape #2.12
At Play in 1993

In 1993 the world was a different place. Neo-prog had barely taken off beyond it's 80s leanings, Deep Space Nine was just starting up, Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time" was a bestseller, and your humble DJs were still cutting their teeth on college algebra...

Soundscape #2.11
A Sort of Ringworld

There was this amazing plan. As a group, DJs and audience were going to read a book together and then a set of music was going to be created that would approximate the experience of that book. The book in question was Larry Niven's "Ringworld"...

Soundscape #2.10
Through the Years

It was an odd notion. The plan was to take a short journey through the years of prog. It kind of speaks to the musical Tardis side of the Soundscape program. It also satisfies my personal need to explore lesser noticed territory (even if it is only new to me)...